The Crawl

Penulis: Rizal Abiantoro
Judul: The Crawl
Jenis: Cerbung

I was somewhat surprised when in a coffee shop yesterday to hear the news about politics. And then with a little surprise I also saw a group of young green coat that pass in front of me and then turn flocking south toward Kotabaru. A shadow still passing in my mind when see the group is growing more and more filled the street in front of the Panti Rapih Hospital. The waiters are dressed neatly fixed by serving customers like the day before. Slowly, friendly, courteous, and do not forget the sweet smile full of falsehoods and suffered. From here look directly some of the buildings that are obsolete and unused again. There also a new building that is almost completed after renovation. Seems like when we are in Central Jakarta, precisely in Senayan. It has a historic building into a unique site for the tourists to see the very wide gulf between the people and officials.

News on television becomes more exciting when a collection of people next to me responded to the action of reporters while covering events in front of the President’s Palace, the show was broadcast live by the words “LIVE”. Talk become crowded during the pushing action which then become a means of throwing stone, wood throwing, bottle throwing, and throwing a swear word. There was no taste scene on the scene over there. They are fainting, falling, and crashing on the ground and then carried by his friends to the curb and then given a drink, another friend who still looks confused. What happen about these people on the street early in the scorching hot weather, screaming while waving a banner with the words that are not obvious meaning, such as demonstrations only.

Discussion grew crowded, increasingly busy waiters serve the order of several from another table. The wind not pass, it feels hot, but coffee is still not finished. Whereas just one glass, so small. It’s not a good thing for me and maybe for us as human beings with reasons and reality. Reality from the forward thinking required and the fact should be shown explicitly based on the empirical rules of grammar rules in internationality. The key of that functions of all the complicated relationship between the composition of life hard to find, even if there are difficult to shown. Reality and a future that is a seen to be reduced by the behavior of counter-revolutionary behavior of the young generation that called modern. The modern generations has been forgotten as if it’s only metabolic waste that we must exhaust every morning and then after that we forget, at least until the next morning. This is one thing with all the special attention of those a simple-minded logic. You want correct itself, like the winning of its own, like this, no matter and just pretend. At thoughts arise, then fled and then disappeared as the siren sound of the trucks that followed the group earlier, the lapse of 20 minutes. A one drove Water Canon faster while giving the cue for the riders to moved. Take cross from traffic Light without hesitation, that tactical vehicles followed the procession followed behind motor cross taking advantage of opportunity in the crowd.

I’ve seen, people who sit in a chair beside the already is get from here. They’re not apparently endured for long in here. The Police motorcycle who had been parked under a tree spades parking is so. Maybe is he also known, but to ask what things are not important. I handed back my activities do not watch television because it was bored. From intersection directly Sagan, I take my motorcycle to immediately go away to my favorite place, Kaliurang.

I met a beautiful natural harmony along the way Km.26, Pakem, Sleman. Kecubung flowers growing in the vicinity of the street toward the corner and climbed. A dragon fruits trader are also fertile around it, scratch money by offering merchandise that punctuated a friendly smile and laughter fragrant typical Javanese people of ancient Mataram Kingdom .Truck smell of garbage pass with ease even though it was almost break down. This yellow truck flies from my horizon until I met the building familiarly called general public polyclinic as RSJ. Maybe for most people, Pakem is a prison for non criminality actors who suspect. Error impaired neurological individual has took place in the lowest on earth, early naked humans. Do not have a job, not college, and had no girlfriend. They have been isolated, far from civilization, and are aware we have been snatched their happiness a little by little.

The old woman made my bike stopped in front of the postal rate. In my country the old people called simbah. Simbah had reminds me of someone who always made a meal of cassava that called gatot. Since beside my house is an old grandmother who that the elderly are still persistent to work, she’s Mbah Nrimo. Those named which in Javanese philosophy is explained atmosphere of poor. Every morning she went to the hill to take some cassava. Nobody noticed at the time over that. Motorcycle still running well and in the middle of the road, but remained faithful Mbah Nrimo with a sling that has accompanied his bag called ‘tenggok’ that together with her for 45 years. Time is long enough for the size of a loyal friend now.

One day there was a boy who was age about 13 years came to offer assistance help. But was rejected firmly and deceitful, the reason the usual trivial ‘you are still small, boy’. There was nothing after that, the atmosphere instantly quite. They’ve only tasteless chicken sounds on the back of the cage that does not stand the heat.

The next morning the boy came back, still with the aim of same purpose. Her home quiet, perhaps she’s still in the hill. The sunshine became very hot and just above the crown, but there’s nothing in sign of Mbah Nrimo. Absolutely promptly at 12, the sun is at phase peak of this energy. Energy expenditure in the form of photons will be released through the atmosphere toward the earth filled with plants and then beings will use it as a catalyst to create oxygen and sugar. Ficus benjamina supported breeze took the boy to a profound fatigue. He fell asleep.

Puter birds singing to welcome the sun that has begun to move from above. He had gone away from house to meet his girlfriend. Sound a rusty bicycle chain PRC heard everywhere, but the boy did not care. Sound pollution will disappear by itself when the child began pedaling so fast with friendly smile while throwing to people in the street who was rushed to carry the yam which is nothing but the burden of his life as well. Not usually the street at a time when the morning so quite. Some teak tree is also silent. A lot of elephant grass, almost died because it was never fall a rain in eight months. So definitely not too hot and lime weather. The hill standing in front of him as if to stop the surge of romance from a human child that fall in love.

 Felt as cycling as in fucking hell, hot and passionate of fire. This way I don’t like. If I did not decide to anchor beautiful romance deep to village girl, the situation would get messed up, like my home. Textbooks are not scattered around and some marbles on the table there was a dirty hit. Clock walls hung with wire that has been missing nearly fall down. Missing without meaning to get longer hours did not apply to the clock. Old curtain can no longer withstand the mosquitoes that are eager to suck this blood. When the situation of my home still not busy, so the flies and mosquitoes too little.

Dark clouds began moving from the south side the hill. Black without obvious doesn’t sign that will bring bad news. Now, sweat began pouring from the sidelines is not an oval on the wheel bike anymore because it lost as a growing legend 13. Till now, 13 is the symbol that will bring all the circumstances become more complicated, difficult, and failed. Hopes in dreams almost vanished when the group blocked the road that there is a dog pile of stones beside their. They’ve short tail. In their head I met a lot of injured, it looks like the former of lessons conducted from the nature. Trouble is in sight, fear is rampant in the minds of the leader that. Helping boy super dream did not come. Oh my God, I hate Coyote.

He dreamed of since his chest was packed with various problems that exist deep inside his heart the most darkness. Probability and possibility sunk in deep sea. He dreams to beach that can quickly fly to Bantul, and closer to the Pundong, and finally saw the Coast Samas. He also had seen Kwaru. Overlays coast with winds that wrapped every skin feeling soft blows over the surface of the face and to lull us in the Anai Valley in Sumatra, evergreen foliage sleepy. Each sound should be listening so loudly from far away. But the sea, there are many voices are loud, fierce, scream, nasal, anyway not pleasant to hear. A motorcyclist took him up. With bit upset brought to the edge road. Oh, he still breathing, meaning there are signs of life. Over time he became his own panic and started patting the boy’s cheek.

” Wake up, kid …”

Yam trucks tight go around, dusty. A Hundred-dry dust of thousands of bacteria accompanying the devastating attack on the respiratory system in the area. Tragedy that ever happened in a village with a population against the disease lay sore throat, because it is acute then it is suggested to orderlies whose homes have is across the hill with the risk of being bitten by coyotes. Suddenly the light was still vague come. Those eyes see enclosed shadow. It’s so dark. About the view dew is unusual, strange and surprised. Emotion is emerges from heart within. Meanwhile feeling very disappointed. Sound frenzied people start sound from the rear door water glass. A water sound interrupted when a body comes with a pale face that still buzzing. Sound screaming bathed on either side of my ears. I didn’t know what will happen later on, I closed my eyes and I forced my mind to remember again. Look at the sky with us and tried again to open the eyes that still felt heavy. I lay on a cot a ward haunted old health center. My resolve was destroyed by a pack of hot-blooded mammals that like a wild dog. Coyote are mammals who never bathe and very clear when he bit me. I try, looks their fangs under the eyes of my foot. Two big holes are enough to make me have to cry when syringed jump to my ass. This is worst tragedy that I will never forget till now.

Clouds began to move into east. Take a look at the distance rice-bird that had perched in the oak is gone either short anywhere. Time is still just running. Never stopped and there was no sign of stopping or slow down, I’m afraid. None understand who cares. They’re lamp was too busy to world. Worlds become affairs that we’ve actually filled with sin, betrayal, stupidity and lied. Behavior that has now been far from good words into worse. Moringa leaf was being that has not changed since the first. That night did not know why my mind feels empty. Sound of dusty wind from the window enter add haunted my life on Friday’s tonight. All of friends who have long left may now already in city. Field of my house is now quiet, even reluctant to sing a song. Alas is the old cottonwoods tress often used to hide and seek instead to hide behind the dark and very dark. Now, I can only lament the fate that has not contemplated. I never mean child laborer carrying cassava that unclear origin. Once I asked the mother about the birth certificate. This is a piece of paper that is proof of the birth of a human child by government. Maybe as busy work, the answer did not come until the mother was called by the Almighty to them. Really so quickly it happened, not the heart I feel today. Slightly overcast morning in the back yard today. Some chicken still no birdsong awake. Leaves stuck together just makes the atmosphere grew dull morning. Major concerns arise in my heart that annoying and took me in confusion. Will I stay alive for two days ahead? Slowly I opened the window and take my body on the wall. Outside there seems some people are flocking to accompany the corpse to be buried on today. Mbah Nrimo will soon be put to the grave. People dressed all in black, but some are wearing suits and garish contrast with the color of the black skin mountain boy. Strangely they were pleased when the center of attention in the midst of mourning. Indeed, globalization has become a poison for the younger generation who does not know anything about fashion. In the midst of the hustle and bustle who mourn, I was just sitting in front of ramshackle house nearly collapsed. I felt headache, all the problems always arise and come. Life was hard and the obstacles it is becoming increasingly obvious to the eye. I saw the mountain far there are dry and barren limestone. However there’re hundreds of coyotes with very terrible scream. When Mbah Nrimo corpse would be included to the grave, Plencing bird flying in low and approached a pile of roses in the front door of the tomb. He defecated there. Heavy tears were dripping onto her cheeks.

Exotic scenery is no longer I met in the Ground. A lot of large rocks are strewn on the streets as evidence of malignancy of Mount Merapi. Last month it increased volcanic activity. Blast of hot clouds caused some hamlet at the foot of this mountain should be emptied. All residents were evacuated to safe place. The main goal is to reduce the number of fatalities. The trees around this place became dry and dead. It has hot clouds this time more violent than in 1996. But what do I care, I’m okay. There have been volunteers there. To me they are still less work, or did they not have jobs or are just looking for conversation to be told to the masses as proof that his false devotion. Ah, this must be the evil in me talking. I tried to convince myself, the volunteer time is very precious and deserving of government assistance has not come.

Precisely those who first respond to help without expecting praise or payment thought. She felt increasingly distant unseen and eventually disappeared from this symphony that I built myself.  Some people seems tightness in the chest which now continues to spread throughout the body and sad to see the future. I decided to change yet more bad results dominate. In the mind actually still want to have fun. Enjoy the beauty of education and knowledge. They could laugh like that because there is no burden. However, my lips are already three years did not laugh. The facial expression was to be wrinkled, ugly, so that no single woman who passed would look at me just a second. They looked away as if to see dirt. The atmosphere is unpleasant for anyone in this world. But the fortitude it must I take higher.

To be continued…


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